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Pet Gifts
We love our furry, four-legged friends so we have created a category of gifts devoted to our pets and their lucky owners!
Have a browse to see what your can find for your pooch or your favourite crazy cat lady!

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Personalised Enamel Cat Bowl Enamel Cat Bowl
Price: £15.00
Fun Koala Ring Koala Ring
Price: £8.50
Christmas Rind Reindeer Ring
Price: £8.50
Sale Price: £6.00
KJV Standard Christening Bible and Lamb Lamb & Bible Christening Set
Price: £24.00
Sale Price: £20.00

Eric Carle's Caterpillar Rattle Hungry Caterpillar Rattle Toy
Price: £12.00
Sale Price: £7.00
Animal Octopus Tentacle Ring Octopus Ring
Price: £8.50
Cute Bunny Earring Cute Bunny Earrings
Price: £21.00
Sale Price: £15.00
Doug the pug with pink rose Pugsley with Flower
Price: £11.00
Sale Price: £8.00
Valentine's Pug Love Pugsley the Pug
Price: £11.00
Sale Price: £8.00
Valentine's Pug Tuxedo Pugsley the Pug
Price: £11.00
Sale Price: £8.00
Fun Owl Ring Owl Ring
Price: £6.00
Fran the Flamingo Personalised Fran The Little Flamingo
Price: £19.00
Sale Price: £8.00
Fun animal ring Lazy Cat Ring
Price: £11.00
Flora and the Flamingo Picture Book Flora and the Flamingo
Price: £13.00
Sale Price: £8.00
Animal Fish Ring, Animal Rings Fish Ring
Price: £8.50
Dino Ring, Animal Ring Dino Ring
Price: £6.00
Bug Bingo Bug Bingo!
Price: £19.95
Pug Ring Pug Ring
Price: £6.00

Rhino Ring Rhino Ring
Price: £8.00
Flamingo Ring Flamingo Ring
Price: £6.00
Pug Earrings Pug Earrings
Price: £17.00
Sale Price: £9.00