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The Kids

Whether they're a book-worm, adventurous, love puzzles or just adore their cuddly toys,
we've got plenty of gifts to suit little boys & girls alike - whether they've been naughty or nice!

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Elf on the shelf Kids Elf Cotton Pyjamas
Price: £12.00
Sale Price: £4.50
Santa's Magic Key Santa's Magic Key
Price: £12.00
Dinosaur Bingo Dinosaur Bingo
Price: £16.99
Wooden Dice Set Wooden Dice Set
Price: £24.00
Fun Koala Ring Koala Ring
Price: £8.50
Reindeer Earrings Reindeer Earrings
Price: £16.00
Sale Price: £9.00
Retro Dog Domino Dog Domino
Price: £15.00
Sale Price: £12.00
Elf on the shelf Naughty Or Nice Christmas Elf
Price: £19.00
Sale Price: £10.00

Monster Bingo Scary Bingo!
Price: £14.99
Wooden Cut Out Number Number Gift Tag
Price: £2.00
Christmas Wrapping Tag Enjoy Gift Tag, 10 pk
Price: £16.00
Sale Price: £7.00
Christmas Wrapping Tag No Peeking Bauble Gift Tag
Price: £16.00
Sale Price: £7.00
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story Book
Price: £10.00
Sale Price: £7.00
Flower Earrings Daisy Earrings
Price: £24.00
Sale Price: £19.00
Cute Bunny Earring Cute Bunny Earrings
Price: £21.00
Sale Price: £15.00
Drawing Inspiration Book 642 Things To Draw
Price: £13.00
Sale Price: £9.00
Fran the Flamingo Personalised Fran The Little Flamingo
Price: £19.00
Sale Price: £8.00