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Stylish Hen Gifts

A quiet drink with friends? An elegant meal, perhaps? Or girls behaving badly with a night on the town that you’ll remember for all the wrong reasons! Whether you are the bride or a guest, you will want to
mark the occasion with some stylish accessories. To get the party started you will need some invitations and we can even supply some handy ‘Hen Party In Progrss’ warning signs.
Remember the camera does not lie and you will be faced with some photographic evidence of the night’s exploits, courtesy of your dear friends!
Choose the least embarrassing ones to put into an album that you will laugh over in years to come; shoes, champagne bottles, sparkly stars, flowers and L plates are some of the
decorations that adorn our special hen night photo albums. Don’t forget to send a card if you are a guest; we have some cute, individual ones or big ones you can all sign. And the bride
will be delighted with one of our special keepsake boxes in which to store all the mementos of her ‘last night of freedom’.
Make it one she’ll remember!
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